Storm Doors

Our storm doors offer an additional shield against the harsh weather and allow you to open up your entry door when the weather becomes nicer. They provide security and peace of mind.

From the basic to the more elegant models, each door is custom made to order, virtually maintenance free and built to last. With the hidden vent option, the screen is out of the way and it can adjust to different heights in venting doors so the vent is not in front of the glass kit of the inner door.

Each door is fabricated using a heavy duty four way overlap frame providing superior weather protection, energy savings and ventilation.  The strong design also provides added security to peace of mind, all the while accentuating the appearance of your home.

The Monarch Series of storm doors is designed & manufactured to suit our variable Canadian climate. All the inner parts are metal instead of plastic, and doors with plastic parts tend to sag after 3-4 years, depending on usage.

Click here to view a photo gallery of the various storm door options we offer >>

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