Your home is an expression of you, and your siding is an extension of that. With choices that include wood (cedar), vinyl and foundry siding, you can select siding that both enhances and protects your home.

There are many choices in colours and styles, including options like Foundry that replicate the look of shingles, stone and brick. Whatever you choose, you’ll have years of maintenance-free beauty.

Siding is not hard to install, but it is hard to install well. 80% of our siding projects are done for previous customers who had all their windows replaced and now need siding replaced, and they want the same good job done on their siding as was done on their windows.

We take pride in our work while ensuring our customers are left with a quality siding job that is free from ripples, is hung both level and straight and is installed to withstand the Atlantic coast winds.

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