Vinyl Siding Sackville

Our team can hang vinyl siding on all types of homes.

Your home serves as expression of you so selecting proper vinyl siding is viewed as an extension of that. If you reside in Sackville and need vinyl siding we'll have our team make a trip up the road to provide you with a free quote.

When it comes to vinyl siding proper installation says a lot

The installation process for vinyl siding isn't difficult, but doing it well can result in a difficult job if you don't have the experience. Visit one of our job sites to see our installation team's work at Windows Plus is top notch. Many former customers who replace their windows and are in need of new vinyl siding return to us so we can install their vinyl siding. This shows our client equally value the quality of the product and work.

Vinyl siding options at Windows Plus

Traditional vinyl siding: Gentek is the supplier we use for most of our Vinyl siding products. Their products have real quailty meaning they are built to last, be durable and are resistant to dents. Each panel of vinyl siding is a solid colour. That wll prevent chipping, blistering or flaking and also makes rotting because of moisture or warping non issues.

Specialty vinyl siding: Does the appearance of traditional vinyl siding interest you, but still feel like you want the appearance of cedar or brick? Our options for installing specialty vinyl siding can serve as an alternative. These types of vinyl siding are available in all surfaces, shapes and colours. They can also improve and enrich the look of your home. Nine specialty siding options are available through Windows Plus. You have the option to choose from rustic charm to upscale elegance. 

Our team will happily install your vinyl siding and at the same time make sure it is:

  • Able to withstand Atlantic coast winds
  • Is hung straight and level
  • Free from ripples

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