Holiday Home Safety Tips

The holidays can be a magical time, full of fun and joy. To keep your holiday season full of fun, keep your family safe with these holiday home safety tips.

Practice fire safety

Christmas candles, hot lights on a dry Christmas tree, and cozy fires in the fireplace are all fire hazards that shouldn't be overlooked. To avoid a house fire, make sure that you keep lit candles away from kids and pets, and never leave them burning unattended.

For your Christmas tree, make sure that you keep adequate water in the base of any live tree, and only use low-heat LED tree lights. Even better, opt for an artificial tree, which poses much less risk of catching fire.

Before you light that first fire of the season, make sure your fireplace is cleaned and inspected by a chimney sweep. They can detect any dangerous creosote buildup or other blockages that could cause your fire to pose a risk to your family. Always remember to dispose of your fireplace ashes properly, after all the coals have died out.

Keep burglars away

If you aren't going to be at home over the holidays, don't advertise it. Avoid posting on social media any updates that could let a burglar know your house is empty and ready to be burglarized.

Always lock every exterior door when you leave the house, and keep your windows locked, too. Burglars are especially active during the holidays, and they will try every possible entrance to your home in order to rob you.

If you are going to be away from home for a few days or more, put some of the lights inside your home on a timer so they come on and go off throughout the day. This will give the illusion that someone is home, even when you aren't.

Decorate safely

If you want to decorate the outside of your home, be sure to have someone hold a ladder for you when hanging lights on the roof or upper part of your home. Never overload an electrical outlet with plugs, and only ever use one extension cord at a time, not several joined together.

Keep decorative plants away from small children and pets, since some, like poinsettias and lilies, can be toxic if consumed.

Stay safe this holiday season, and you'll have happier New Year!

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