Making Your Deck BBQ Ready

Summer is on the way, and so are lots of backyard barbecues and outdoor entertaining. Before you fire up the grill, you need to prepare your deck. Here’s what you need to do to make your deck BBQ-ready.

Residue from ice-melting products

If you had to use any ice-melting products on your deck over the winter, you might find that there is a residue left behind now that all the ice and snow are gone. Clean this off with a hose and brush, sweeping off any other debris that may have fallen on your deck as you go.

Give your deck a thorough cleaning

Use a hose and broom to clean off any dirt that has accumulated on your deck, and use a deck cleaner for stubborn dirt or stains. Avoid using a pressure washer, because you could damage your deck with the high pressure.

Look for loose boards

Tighten any loose nails, screws or boards as you find them, and check your entire deck thoroughly for any signs of damage. A weak or broken board could lead to an injury, and that’s no fun at a barbecue.

Protect your deck

Stain your wooden deck to bring it back to life and offer a layer of protection that will last throughout the year. If you choose to paint your deck instead, make sure you use a product that is made for outdoor use. You may also want to put an additional layer of sealant on the deck if you use paint instead of a stain, as paint doesn’t penetrate and protect the wood.

Trim any shrubs

If you have shrubs or bushes growing near your deck, trim them back to prevent them from damaging the deck or posing a trip hazard. If you have weeds growing around the deck, use a weed killer to prevent them from damaging the deck.

A little preparation will make your deck ready for a whole season of outdoor entertaining, so make sure you prepare your deck well, and enjoy the summer season worry-free.

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