Avoid Window Buyer Remorse

Window replacement isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Replacing or upgrading your home’s windows can be a big expense, so you’d better be sure that you get what you really want. Here’s how you can avoid ‘window buyer remorse’ when you replace your home’s windows.

Don’t trade quality for a low price

Cheap windows aren’t the same things as inexpensive windows--cheaply made windows can still cost you a fortune and inexpensive ones can be very efficient--but you need to focus on the quality of the windows first and foremost. Trying to save money by opting for cheaper windows won’t really save you money in the long run if they aren’t energy efficient.

Modern windows are generally made better than their predecessors, but you still need to compare designs and styles to make sure you’re getting a good, energy efficient style that will help you reduce your energy costs for years to come.

Consider your home’s style

You really want your windows to accentuate your home, not stick out like a sore thumb. Newer homes may look great with most modern window designs, but for older homes, you may need to take more time to find a style that really suits your home. Would wood be better for your house, or is vinyl just what your home needs to perk it up? You may want to look at other houses that are similar to yours in style and see what windows they have, or ask the retailer to show you photos of windows in homes similar to yours.

Think about location

The windows on the side of your house that get the most sunlight need to be able to reflect some of the heat back out or your home will be too warm. Single pane windows won’t do this, so make sure you’re buying suitable windows to block out heat and sunlight but that still allow enough natural light in. If you live in an area that sees extreme temperatures, make sure your windows offer adequate insulation. Energy efficiency can’t be stressed enough when it comes to finding windows you’ll love for a long time.

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