Halloween Home Safety Tips

This Halloween, don’t be tricked by poor home safety. Before you welcome trick-or-treaters or throw a spooky Halloween party, use these tips to make your home safe and secure.

Light it up

You don’t want trick-or-treaters tripping on their way to your front door, so make sure you use appropriate lighting so everyone can see where they are walking. Change out any blown bulbs or broken lights so your visitors can see to walk safely.

Pick it up

Clear away anything visitors could trip over, like garden hoses and outdoor toys. You may want to put away your lawn decorations to prevent them from becoming trip hazards. It’s also a good idea to rake up any wet leaves, pick up any fallen branches, and scoop up any lawn clippings that might pose a slip or trip hazard.

Fix it up

If you have loose paving stones leading up to your front door, repair them to prevent trip hazards. If you have any broken or damaged boards on your front porch, replace or repair them, too. A little home improvement will make your house safer for trick-or-treaters and it will improve your home’s curb appeal, too.

Secure your pets

Your friendly pooch or curious cat could be tempted to follow trick-or-treaters as they leave your home, so make sure you secure your pets, preferably indoors. Pets may also be frightened by trick-or-treaters, and frightened pets could bite. It’s best to keep your pets away from the festivities (and the candy).

Party safely

If you’re planning a party at home this Halloween, don’t forget to practice good fire safety. Skip the flaming candles in your decorations and use battery powered lights instead. Also, if you plan on using a deck or patio to host part of the festivities, make sure you know the weight limit your deck will safely support and check for any hazards like broken boards or loose nails that could catch on clothing and trip up your guests.

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