When is the Best Time to Replace a Front Door

If you’ve ever given any thought to replacing your home’s front door, you probably wondered about the timing of such a project. Apart from ‘when it’s falling off the hinges’, when exactly is the best time to replace your front door? Here are some suggestions on when you might find it the most convenient to replace your Halifax home’s door.


Winter may seem like an inconvenient time to replace your front door, but if you want it done quickly, do it during the winter. Contractors are far less busy during the winter months, so you’re more likely to get one in when you want them, rather than waiting weeks for help.

You will need to worry about heat loss when you replace the door during the winter, but your contractor may be able to limit this during installation. You won’t prevent all heat loss while it’s being replaced, so be prepared to put up with a slight chill during the process.


Spring can be a great time to replace your door, if you can find a contractor who isn’t super busy. Most contractors see a big uptick in work in the springtime, so you may need to wait for an appointment. On the upside, the weather in spring is usually mild so heat loss isn’t a problem, though those April showers might cause some inconvenience.


Warm weather can be ideal for replacing your door, but summer is another busy time for contractors. In addition to facing long wait times for a contractor, you may face a strain on your air conditioning unit. Trying to cool a house while you’re replacing the front door can prove to be impossible, but a skilled contractor should be able to minimize your discomfort.


In the fall, the weather is mild, the home improvement ‘busy season’ draws to a close, and you can get your door installed fairly quickly. It may seem ideal, but you could face unpredictable fall weather that could slow things down.

The truth is, any time is a great time to replace your front door. If you’re ready to replace yours, give Windows Plus a call today.

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