4 Interesting Curtain Alternatives

Who says you have to dress your windows in curtains or drapes? There are lots of ways to block out unwanted light, reduce energy loss, and still keep your windows looking on point. Here are four interesting curtain alternatives you’ll love.

Use a privacy screen

Larger windows require something a little more dramatic than plain drapes. Why not use a privacy screen to block out most of the light and keep prying eyes out of your home? Since the screen isn’t right up against the window, it will still let some natural light in. Plus, you can move it when you want to allow more light inside and it makes an interesting statement in any room.

Linens for liners

Tablecloth linens and linen napkins can replace liners for your drapes, or they can be hung alone to replace sheer drapes. Inexpensive linen tablecloths come in a wide variety of patterns and colours, so you are bound to find something you like. If you don’t want to sew them to create a hanging pocket for a curtain rod, you can use a rod with clips to simply hang one or more in your windows.

Shorter windows can use linen napkins--mix and match them to create a whimsical look that lets just enough light in while you’re pottering around the house.

Lacy windowpanes

If you want privacy but hate the idea of lace curtains, why not just use panels of lace to create lacy windowpanes? Apply pieces of lace directly onto a window pane using simple cornstarch paste. Once the paste dries, the lace will stay in place, providing privacy and a bit of detail to your boring windows. To remove it, just wash with warm water. This temporary solution is great for renters or for those who aren’t ready to commit to a drape style just yet.

Hanging garden

Looking for something even more unique? Hanging plant pots from a curtain rod can create a fun look that’s practical, too. Grow window herbs and take advantage of the incoming sunlight to keep your plants growing strong.

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