Window Safety Tips

Open windows can be refreshing on a warm day, but they can also pose a hazard for homes with pets and small children. Follow these window safety tips to enjoy your home’s windows safely.

Never leave children or pets alone in a room with the windows open wide. On the ground floor, they could climb out and get lost or injured outside your home. On upper floors, a fall from an open window could be deadly. Instead, only open windows enough to enjoy the breeze, but not wide enough for a child to fit through. Many newer windows have built-in safety catches that prevent windows from opening fully (but that can be disengaged for cleaning or emergency access).

Don’t count on window screens to keep kids or pets inside. These are easy to break and are only meant to keep insects out, not pets or children in.

Keep furniture away from windows that you regularly keep open. Children could climb on the furniture and access the windows, resulting in a deadly fall.

If your windows don’t have locks, consider installing them or at least installing an alarm that sounds if the window is opened. Children can be sneaky, and if they learn how to open your window, they could be putting themselves at risk while you aren’t aware.

If you use your windows as part of your emergency escape plan, make sure they are accessible and that responsible members of your family know how to disengage any safety locks. Teach older children only to unlock the windows in the case of a fire or other emergency, or find a different escape exit.

Windows can keep intruders out as well as keep your family safe inside. Always close your windows and engage the locks if you will be away from your house. Consider applying a safety film to windows and doors so that if an intruder tries to smash their way in, the film will stop the glass from shattering completely. This could slow down an intruder and will help reduce the risk of you becoming injured from the broken glass.

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