Comparing Entrance Systems

Under the term "entrance system", there are a lot of products, all of which include doors in some form or fashion. There are plenty of available entrance systems, ranging from simple to complex, with panels, rails and embossment. In the end, it is all about what the door is made of so let's take a look at what options you have at your disposal.

Fibreglass doors are the simplest to install and maintain. They are resistant to damage and scratching, which makes them highly durable and desirable. The fibreglass material is also very resilient and will endure all temperature and weather changes without bending or warping. This makes them ideal for humid climates, where abundant precipitation occurs regularly. Fibreglass doors also come in a wealth of patterns and styles. You can choose factory-finished door, ready for installation immediately or factory-primed doors, which you can then paint to your liking. Overall, fibreglass is slightly more expensive but more durable than any other type of door.

Steel doors are quite sturdy and do not yield easily. This makes them less desirable since they require more care during installation and operation but they offer unparalleled security and beauty. Steel doors are usually cheaper than fibreglass doors, but the initial savings are offset by maintenance costs over time. However, you can opt for doors where steel is combined with glass panels to create delicate looking doors that are also secure and resist forceful entry. Also, steel doors must be regularly maintained or scratches can quickly turn into rust. Steel is particularly resistant to fire, since it melts only at 1370 degrees C (2500°F). Normally, steel conducts temperature, but most models are actually with a polyurethane core, which gives them good insulation properties.

The first thing people see when they approach your residence is the door. Therefore, the best option for you is to install the type of entrance system that you can proudly show to everyone, while knowing it will keep you safe from the unwanted environment on the outside. 

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