Tips For Hanging Holiday Decorations In Windows and Doors Without Causing Damage

It’s time to break out the tinsel and the wreaths to give your home a festive look, but how do you decorate your windows or doors without doing any lasting damage? If you don’t want to begin the year dealing with damages from holiday home decorations, try these tips for your hanging decorations on your doors and windows.

Hanging decorations on windows

If you love the look of bows or wreaths centred in the middle of your window, but hate the idea of putting anything sticky or gluey on the glass, try using suction cups instead. You can buy suction cups with hooks at any hardware store. Clean them with warm, soapy water and attach to clean, dry windows. You can loop wire or ties to your decoration and then hang the loops from the hooks. When you take the suction cups down, just stash them away until next year.

Fishing line

If your front door looks bare without a wreath, but a traditional over-the-door wreath hanger doesn’t fit your door, try loop fishing line through the wreath, then making a loop on each end of the line. Hang each loop on a corner of your door, and the wreath will sit perfectly with no need to drill any holes or attach any brackets.

Removable self-adhesive hooks

These can be found in many stationery and DIY stores, and they’re great to have year-round for various uses. The adhesive on the back of these hooks is designed to be safe to use even on painted walls and wallpaper, and they’re often recommended for use in apartments or other rental properties. You can leave them up all year long or take them down when you want to take down your decorations.

Hot glue

Plain old hot glue, the kind crafters love, can be used to hang strands of garland or lights on most nonporous surfaces, and it peels off harmlessly when you’re finished. You may want to test a small area to make sure it won’t peel off your paint, but it works well on siding and glass.

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