Homeowner Tips for Dealing with Snow

Winter and snow almost always go hand in hand and there is virtually nothing you can do but simply find ways to appropriately “weather the storm”. If you have some good tips handy, you should be able to deal with any situation the heavy downfall of snow may unfold.

There are quite a few things you could do to minimize any negative effect snow fall causes to your home and belongings.

  • Removing your vehicle from the street and parking it in a garage would be a better and wiser way to keep your car safe and in working condition. Keeping your vehicle off the street will also allow the snow ploughs to do a more thorough job in removing all the snow.
  • Just before the winter season sets in, go around your home and start disconnecting any water hoses. This should be done only after you turn off the water and drain the remaining water in the pipes and hoses, as any frozen water within these “pathways” will damage the hoses and pipes. Any outside faucets should ideally be concealed with insulating foam covers.
  • Because of potential heavy snow fall, it is not always possible to have easy access to food and water, so keeping your home fully stocked for such possibilities is very important. Another often over looked exercise is keeping enough medication so that there is no danger of running low or worse, running out.
  • Because fires are the common way to keep warm during the cold season, keeping a fire extinguisher handy is another precaution to take. You don’t want your home going up in flames because of a fire gone wild.
  • Portable generators are also another handy piece of equipment to have around. Traditionally snow storms can and usually do cause a lot of power disruptions, thus having your own portable generator will help to keep your home warm and your family safe too.

Learning a little about when to clear the snow in your drive way and what are the best methods to adopt would also be advantageous and cost effective in tackling a snow clogged entrance. 

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