Caring for Your Patio Doors

Keep your patio doors looking great and performing well with regular maintenance. Here are some tips for caring for your patio doors so they’ll last you as long as possible.
Keep them clean
Patio doors can get very dirty, even when they get very little use. Keep the glass clean with regular washing, but skip the power washer. Power washers can force water into the track and beneath the door, contributing to mold growth and even water leaking into your house. Use a gentle cleaner on the exterior and interior frames and clear away any cobwebs from your screen, if you’re using one.
Smooth operation
Keep the track free from debris by vacuuming it out often. Most tracks will have a drainage system in place using small holes to drain liquids away from your home. These can become blocked with dust and debris, so in addition to vacuuming the track you should pour a small amount of water onto the track to make sure the holes are not blocked. The liquid should disappear down the holes quite quickly, but if it doesn’t, use a thin bit of wire to unblock the drainage holes. If you’re not sure whether your patio doors have this, consult your manufacturer’s guide.
Watch out for loose hardware
Over time, the hardware that keeps your patio door secure can loosen with use. If you notice any loose screws or other hardware, tighten it up using a screwdriver. If you aren’t sure about exactly how to tighten a loose piece of hardware or other fitting, call one of our friendly Windows Plus representatives and we’ll be happy to show you.
Clean carefully
Never use abrasive cleaners on your door frames or glass. Mild soap and water are suitable for most dirt and debris. Used with a soft cloth or sponge, they won’t damage your door’s frame or window glass. After cleaning, you may need to lubricate the hardware and track to keep the rollers operating smoothly. A small amount of silicone-based spray can keep things moving smoothly.
For all your patio door questions or needs, contact Windows Plus for friendly, helpful service.

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