Benefits of Casement Windows in Halifax

When choosing new windows for your home, you need to consider more than just how the new windows will look. Casement windows, while very attractive, are popular for more reasons than just their appearance. Here are some benefits of putting casement windows in your Halifax home.

Better energy efficiency

Vinyl casement windows can help you reduce your energy costs by insulating your home against heat transference. Two panes of glass with a pocket of air between them can block out hot air during the summer and keep warm air in during the winter, making your home more energy efficient. Plus, properly fitted casement windows can eliminate any gaps or cracks surrounding the window that might let air in or out, which also helps improve energy efficiency.

Better security

Old-fashioned wooden windows are pretty easy to break into with just a crowbar, but casement windows are much harder to open from the outside. The design of casement windows makes it difficult to get an object like a crowbar underneath the sash, and the interior hook that keeps the window secured is very difficult to break. The overall design of casement windows is sturdier and more secure than their older wooden counterparts.

Better ventilation

The design of casement windows means they open outwards like a door. This can be useful for a number of reasons, including ventilation. While an open window of any style will allow a direct breeze into the home, casement windows can also catch breezes blowing along the side of your house and direct them inwards, cooling your interior and reducing humidity in basements and bathrooms. Better ventilation also means you can rely on cool breezes to keep your home comfortable on warm days, especially when you use fans.

Easier to clean

Many casement windows consist of one long sheet of glass, which makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, because they can be opened up wide, you can easily reach both side for cleaning.

Don’t overlook the great benefits of casement windows in your search for the perfect windows for your home.


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