How to Create Beautiful Christmas Window Boxes

Looking for some simple home improvements you can make during the holidays to spruce up your home’s exterior? How about a beautiful Christmas window box? Create one or more to accent your Halifax windows and show your holiday spirit. Here’s how to create beautiful Christmas window boxes.

Start with a blank canvas

If you still have plants from summer in your window box, clear them out. Make room for your decorations and don’t try to crowd more in on top of existing ones.

Artificial is easiest

You can seek out live plants for your Christmas window box, but why bother when there are so many beautiful artificial pieces you can use? Visit your local craft store to find artificial evergreen branches to fill your window boxes. You can then add bows and ornaments to give a festive feel to your display.

If you do choose to use live plants, like poinsettias, remember that they are not always child and pet friendly. Also, you may want to set yourself a reminder to water the plants so they don’t die out in the cold.

Use lights and colour

Outdoor Christmas lights can transform a plain window box into something that’s truly magical. Look for shatterproof ornaments and decorations to add to your greenery or other plants to create a fun look during the day as well. It’s best to use LED lights as they give off very little heat even after hours of use. Still, be sure to keep the lights away from the greenery to avoid any risk of fire.

If your plain greenery doesn’t make your window box stand out, why not put a brightly coloured bow on the greenery or even around the box itself? This is a simple way to add colour and liveliness to a boring window box.

Get creative

There’s no rule that says you have to use greenery or even plants in your winter window box. Try filling it with florist foam, leaving about an inch or so from the top. Then, pile on a layer of large, shatterproof ornaments. Add another layer, using double-sided sticky tape to keep the baubles in place. The resulting look will be whimsical and fun.

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