Tips for Replacing a Window or Door Screen

A damaged window or door screen can be a real pain, but replacing it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to help make replacing your door or window screen easier.

Repair or replace?

Holes that are small, 3-inches or smaller, can be patched using a special self-adhesive repair patch. This may be all it takes to make your screen fully functional, but if it's not, you can just replace the entire screen.

Know your screen type

Once you've removed your door or window screen frame, you can gently pry out the screen from the edging. It's held in place by a rubber grip called a spline, and you'll need some replacement spline to reassemble your screen. Once you have your damaged screen in hand, take it with you to the hardware store to find a replacement.

Replacement screen comes in a roll, so you'll probably have more than you need. This means you'll be ready for any future replacement jobs that crop up. Be sure to compare your old screen with the new roll to make sure you get the same kind, otherwise your screen may look out of place on your home.

Use the right tools

To insert the screen into the frame, you need to use the spline to hold it in place, and in order to put the spline into the frame properly, you need to use the right tool. A spline roller is designed to push the spline gently into place over the screen to hold it in place inside the groove along the edge of the frame. Use a wooden spline roller for the best results, as it is sturdier and will last longer.

Be careful not to bend the frame

Keep your frame on a flat surface while inserting the screen. If you need to, use lightweight clamps to help keep the side of the screen that you aren't working on in place. This will help avoid the screen being put in crookedly. Once the screen is in place, use a utility knife to gently cut away the excess material, then put the screen frame back in its place on your window or door.

Replacing your screen isn't hard, as long as you take your time and use the right tools. You'll have a brand new screen on your window or door in no time.

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