Fun Holiday Window Decorations

Your windows are a big part of your home’s decor, so make sure you include them in your holiday decorating scheme. Here are some fun window decoration ideas you can use in your home this holiday season.

Snow scene

Place paper snowflakes on your windows to mimic falling snow. You can use white ones for a simple look or coloured ones for a touch of whimsy.


Wreaths don’t have to be just for doors; attach one to your window using suction cups with hooks on them. Hang one large wreath in a feature window, or hang a series of small wreaths, one in each window of your house. Adorn the wreaths with lights for an added touch of fun that stands out at night.

Light display

Plain white or coloured Christmas lights can be used to create fun pictures on your windows. Using tape or hot glue (which can be peeled off glass when it’s cooled), attach strands of lights to your window to form shapes or patterns. The lights can be hidden by your curtains during the day, then light up the night.


Wrap garland around your curtain rod and hang some pretty glass ornaments from it. When the sunlight hits the glass, they’ll sparkle and shine. You can also hang strands of beads from the garland or directly on the curtain rod for a little holiday cheer.

Jingle bells

Tie strips of festive ribbon from the curtain rod and attach a bell to each ribbon. Every time you have a breeze, the bells will jingle and chime. Alternatively, hang pretty ornaments from strands of ribbon. Vary the ribbon lengths for a staggered effect that’s eye-catching and quirky.

Tree silhouette

Cut out the shape of a Christmas tree from wax paper and tape it to your window. It will look like a snowy holiday scene, especially if you illuminate it from behind with a battery-powered candle.

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