How to Decorate Your Windows for the Holidays

If you want to decorate your home for the holidays, don’t forget your windows. There are lots of ways you can use the beauty of your windows in your holiday decorating. Here are some ways to decorate or paint your windows for the holidays.

Decorate your shutters

Bows, wreaths, and ribbons are all great decorations for your shutters, but so are strands of outdoor Christmas lights. Your shutters are the perfect place to add a pop of colour and light, or add a simple bow for a more somber look.

Use artificial spray snow

This is one tried and true--but messy--method of sprucing up your windows for the holidays. Use stencils as a guide or try your hand at ‘freestyle’ spraying for a wintry look that washes right off after the holidays.

Painting your windows

Believe it or not, ordinary tempera paint can transform your windows into beautiful pieces of holiday artwork. You can buy special paint applicator pens just for writing on glass, or you can use ordinary paint with a paintbrush. Hobby acrylic paints are also ideal and inexpensive for painting windows. You can even use a combination of the two, drawing your design with the markers and filling them in with the paint and brush method.

Before you paint, make sure you wash and dry your windows thoroughly so the paint will stick better. If you’re using tempera paints, be aware that contact with rain can cause them to run. If you don’t have much of an overhang protecting your windows, consider painting the inside of the window. It will still look great and it will be protected from the elements.


After the holidays, you’ll want to clean the paint off your windows without damaging the glass. This is pretty easy to do--you just need a spray bottle filled with water and a flat, straight edge, like a razor blade or credit card.

Begin by placing paper towels beneath the windows. This is to catch any paint that may run off during the cleanup process. Mist the painted images with water to moisten the paint, allowing it to sit for a few minutes to soften the paint. Then, using the edge of a credit card (or razor), carefully scrape the paint away.

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