Spring Cleaning Tips for Halifax Windows

Now that the weather is cooperating, it's time to give your ?Halifax windows the attention they deserve. The ability to open up the windows during the day means that you may want to seize the opportunity to complete a full spring cleaning on them.

Here's how to give your windows a full spring cleaning in just one day:

1. Prepare ahead of time
Make a list of the tools you may need to complete the project. Check your supplies and pick up anything you don't have on hand before you get down to business. Don't forget a squeegee and perhaps a microfiber cloth.

2. Choose a cloudy day
When washing your Halifax windows on a hot sunny day the cleaner tends to dry too quickly and is more likely to leave streaks. Overcast skies are ideal window cleaning weather.

3. Open the windows and clean the case, handles and latches
When we think of window washing we think of the glass, but don't forget about the other spots that tend to get dirty over time. Remember to wash the handles, latches and even to open the window up and scrub the case inside. Once or twice a year is often enough.

4.Wash the panes too
While you're giving the glass a thorough wash remember to pay some attention to the window panes if they are on the outside of the glass. Dust, pollen and dirt tend to build up here too.

5. Remove and spray the screens
Another place that gets dirt buildup is the windows screens. Fortunately, most window screens are easy to pop off and clean. You might be surprised about how much more light you let in by spraying your window screens down with the hose.

6. Wash or vacuum Curtains
It's not often that curtains need a wash in the machine, but take the time to vacuum the dust from them with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. If, while you are vacuuming, you discover that a deeper clean is required, check the tags for washing instructions.

7. Dust and wipe blinds
This may already be part of your dusting routine, but if not, spring cleaning time is the perfect time to give the window blinds a good cleaning too. Remember to wipe down any parts that are touched often.

8. Check for any necessary repairs
While you're cleaning your Halifax windows take the time to make notes about any possible repairs or replacements that may be necessary. This will help you budget for any window replacement requirements, and reduce the chance of any surprises.

With these spring cleaning tips for your Halifax windows you'll be able to enjoy the sunshine from inside your home as much as you do when you're outside.

Next... spring cleaning the deck! 


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