How and Why to Dress Your Window in Layers

Think window dressing is just for looks? Think again. Dressing your windows can reduce energy loss and save you money on heating and cooling expenses. Here’s how (and why) to dress your windows in layers this season.

Why dress your windows

It’s estimated that heat loss through windows can account for up to a quarter of your heating bills. This loss can add up to a big expense for you and a cold, drafty home, too. Dressing your windows with curtains or shades can help reduce heat loss in the winter and it can help block the sun from heating up your home in the summer, which can drive up your cooling costs.


Curtains or drapes can reduce your energy loss by up to ten percent depending on the weight of the material and the placement of the drapes. For best results, try to choose heavier drapes with a tighter weave to block light and drafts. Wool or lined drapes are most effective, but they need to be hung about an inch from the window and they should overhang the window by about four inches.

Even sheer drapes can make an impact on your energy loss. They may not block drafts, but they can reduce the light and heat that enters through the windows on bright, sunny days. Double up on the sheers by hanging two rods or a double curtain rod and you’ll block more heat without making it too dark.

Cornices and valances

These aren’t just for show--a cornice or valance can help trap air along the top of a window. This holds in heat and prevents drafts from slipping through. These have been used for many, many years to help regulate interior temperatures, and they’re still effective enough to be used today. As an added bonus, they make your windows look elegant and well-dressed!


Blinds or shades are commonly used in place of or alongside curtains to offer privacy and block sunlight. Cellular shades are excellent for reducing energy loss, reducing heat loss by up to 31 percent in your home. Their unique honeycomb design traps and blocks air from moving in or out of the window. The more cells in your shades, the higher the insulation they provide. For best results, hang these a half inch from the glass.

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