How to Prolong the Life of Your Windows

Homeowners tend to think their windows are indestructible. They forget to clean them except when they have a little time for spring cleaning.

Some homeowners can go years even decades without washing and taking care of their windows. Unfortunately, this does not preserve the window at all.

Here are some short techniques to use for prolonging the life of your windows.

  • Have a steam cleaner vacuum- a steam cleaner allows you to use steam and pressure to remove dirt that forms in a window track.
  • Clean the windows with a little cleaning spray and newspaper.
  • Check around the windows for any leaks in caulking including the glass and the framing on the house. Use caulking to secure any leaks.
  • If a problem is noted such as condensation between the window panes have it repaired before it gets worse. This will help save the windows.
  • For those who have wood frames instead of vinyl, then resealing the wood is necessary each year. This will prolong the frame for years.
  • With vinyl siding, simply wash the inside and out to ensure there are no chemicals or other damaging properties.

Window Use

The above tips are mostly how to prolong the windows by keeping them cleaned, properly sealed, and repaired when there is an issue. You also have to understand that the use of the windows says a lot as to whether they will hold up against age.

Slamming is definitely going to interfere with the longevity of the windows. Furthermore, a track filled with dirt makes it more difficult to slide the windows with ease. When you have to fight to open the window it can ruin it and affect the years it has left on it.

It can also damage the weather stripping around the window by dragging it through dirt, possibly tearing it on the track. Prolonging your windows is important not only to ensure they work properly but also to ensure there is no air leakage. Poor weather stripping in cool climates leads to more heat escaping during the colder months. 

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