Winter Window Installation Myths

If you’ve been putting off buying new windows because it’s winter time, you might want to reconsider. Not only is winter a great time to buy new windows, but you’ll probably have a shorter wait time to have them installed, too. Here are some winter window installation myths you may have heard and the real truth about having your new windows installed during the winter months.

Myth: It’s too cold to install new windows during the winter.

Truth: While the temperature outside your home may be cold, your home doesn’t have to lose its heat just because you’re having new windows installed. Contractors have a number of tricks they use to minimize your home’s heat loss during the process. Plus, most only remove one window at a time, then replace that window with the new one before moving on. The amount of time your home is actually exposed to the outside air is minimal, but the cost savings you’ll see on future energy bills is very worthwhile.

Myth: I’ll have to schedule a few days off from work to have my entire home’s windows replaced.

Truth: It doesn’t take long at all to replace most windows, and even an entire house’s windows can be done in a day, for the most part. If it is going to take longer for some reason (you have specialty windows or live in a McMansion), your contractor will likely tell you in plenty of time to make arrangements with your schedule. Of course, some companies also work on weekends, so you may not have to miss any work to have it done.

Myth: It’s far too expensive to replace my windows, especially when money is tight after the holiday season.

Truth: Most reputable companies offer some sort of payment plan for their windows and installation, so you may be able to get your entire house redone for a very reasonable monthly payment. Plus, the money you could save by replacing old windows with newer, energy-efficient ones can be substantial. Your home will look and feel more comfortable, and you won’t necessarily have to pay for it all up front.

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