Upcycle: 5 Uses for Those Old Window Screens

If you’ve replaced the screens in your windows, don’t just toss out the old ones. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways you can ‘upcycle’ them around your home. Here are five ways to reuse those old window screens.

Add scrubbing power

A folded up scrap of screen makes a great scrubber. It’s gentle enough to scrub paint and dirt from your hands, but it can also be wrapped around a sponge and used for cleaning around your home. Watch for any broken strands of screen that might be sharp--even plastic screens can scratch some surfaces if you apply too much pressure.

Protect newly growing grass

If you don’t want to watch the birds eat the grass seeds you’ve just planted, use a strip of window screen to protect them. Just stake the screen down over the seeds and remove it once they take hold and begin to grown new blades of grass. You can easily see the new grass growing beneath the screen, but the birds can’t get to the seeds.

Keep drains clear

If clogged drains are the bane of your existence, screens can help. Wad a strip of screen into a ball and place it at the opening of your sink. Water will pass  through, but solid objects shouldn’t. Of course, you should remove the screen before pouring excessive amounts of water down the drain, or you could end up forcing the screen down the pipe where it could become difficult to remove.

Super sifter

If you need to sift powdered grout or other powdered building materials, a piece of screen works well to remove the lumps. Drape it over a bucket and either hold it in place or attach with rubber bands. Then, pour the powder in and separate out the lumps.

Dry out herbs from your garden

Use an old picture frame (minus the glass and back) and staple screen to it to create a shelf or tray that can be used to dry your fresh herbs. When mounted horizontally (or stood suspended on two cans), the air can circulate beneath the herbs to dry them thoroughly.

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