Fall Window Box Ideas

If you’re one of those people who think that window boxes are just for springtime, think again. By adding a hefty dose of autumn colour to your window boxes, you can transform the look of your home’s exterior and keep it looking cheerful and bright all season long.

Flip your florals

Replace delicate summer annuals with hardier flowers and greenery. Mums, pansies, and nasturtiums can keep your boxes blooming well into colder months. An easy way to change out your flowers is to plant them in small pots that you place inside the window boxes. When it’s time to change them out, you just lift out the old pots and insert the new ones. It’s a mini-makeover that can really brighten up your home for autumn.

Fake it with artificial foliage

If the maintenance of real plants is too daunting, try filling your window boxes with artificial flowers and greenery. This makes maintenance a breeze and allows you to keep your window boxes looking bright and cheerful even when the weather is too cold for plants to flower. You can also mix artificial plants with real ones for a more realistic looking display. Opt for plants with autumnal colours for a more authentic look and consider buying UV resistant artificial plants that won’t fade under the glare of the sun.

Use something less than traditional

For fun, why not fill your window boxes with festive dried gourds and other harvest season symbols? Indian corn and hay, mini pumpkins, and even dried pine cones can be used to create a look that’s fun and inviting. You can use real dried gourds and corn, or you can grab some fake ones from your local craft store and create a stunning centrepiece for your home’s exterior. Be sure to change these over to something a little more wintry towards December. You can even use leftover trimmings from your evergreen trees for this task and create a fun look for winter, too.

Whether you have a green thumb or just a creative eye, have fun with your window boxes, whatever the season. For more great tips on decorating your Halifax doors and windows, visit Windows Plus today.

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