5 Signs That its Time to Replace or Repair Your Deck

Your deck will take a lot of abuse in its lifetime. Many decks can last for decades before you need to replace them, but you may need to make repairs much sooner than that. Here are five signs that it’s time to repair or replace your deck.

Obvious damage to the wood

Wood can become damaged from the elements, from insects, and from use over the years. Cracks in the wood, broken boards, or holes from termites or other boring insects means it’s time to replace the damaged wood and make your deck sturdy once again. Wood that ‘gives’ or shifts underfoot should be evaluated for replacement. Your deck should be sturdy and strong, not wobbly or weak.

Rot in the wood

If you see even one spot of rot in your wooden deck, you need to carefully inspect the entire thing. Wood rot can creep up quickly and seriously destabilize your deck. Replace the rotten wood and be sure to use a quality wood sealant to prevent future incidents.

Rusted fixtures and fittings

Look underneath your deck to make sure that the fixtures and fittings holding it all together are still in good shape. If your deck is several decades old, these can be weakened from age and the elements. This can weaken your deck’s structural stability and be a hazard for you and your family. Replace any broken or rusted fittings as you find them.

Loose railings

Loose railings are often easy enough to fix, but don’t let them stay loose for long. They’re a major safety hazard that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Pay special attention to railings along steps and stairs. These need to be able to support someone should they slip while entering or exiting the deck.

Molds and mildews

Some mold is to be expected on your deck simply because of the moisture that it’s exposed to. A little greenish mold is mostly an eyesore, but if you see mushroom-like molds or fungal growths, you could have more serious damage to contend with. Clear these off immediately and treat the wood with a stain that includes a fungicide to prevent future problems.

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