Exterior Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is just around the corner, so if you’re planning to do any spring cleaning, don’t forget your home’s exterior. To make it easier to know what needs to be done, here’s a handy spring cleaning checklist for your home’s exterior.

Start with an inspection

Chances are, you haven’t been outside much this winter. When the weather warms up a little in the spring, it’s the perfect time to inspect the exterior of your home for signs of damage from weather or just normal wear and tear on your home. Look for cracks in brickwork or missing pieces of siding or wooden slats. Check to make sure your gutters aren’t separating from the house at any point. Don’t forget to check your driveway and patios for signs of damage, too.

Remove storm windows

If you have them in place, it’s time to remove the storm windows from your home and give the regular windows a thorough cleaning before you replace any screens. Don’t forget to dust the screens before you put them back in. Wash windows with warm, soapy water and dry them with a clean, soft cloth or squeegee until they’re sparkling clean.

Clean and seal your deck

Clean your deck thoroughly to remove any debris. Use a cleaner that kills microorganisms before you seal it thoroughly. This will help protect it from all those spring showers and keep it in good shape for those summer barbecues. This is also when you need to make any repairs to your deck--look out for splintered wood or missing nails, then make the necessary repairs. Winter can be rough on your deck, so show it a little TLC in the springtime.

Spruce up the garden

Spring is the time when your garden begins to see signs of life, including those pesky weeds. Weed your flower beds and spruce up your landscaping by adding mulch to beds and planting a few new plants for spring. You may not have to cut the lawn just yet, but you will soon, so get the other spring landscaping chores done first to save yourself trouble later in the summer.

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