Summer Home Renovation Tips

Summer is the perfect time for home renovation. Good weather and longer days mean you can get more done and finish your renovations quickly. If you want your summer renovation to go smoothly, use these tips to help get the job done right.

Plan ahead

Last minute, poorly planned renovation projects rarely go well. Start planning your renovation in the spring so you can be ready when summer arrives. Choose your project, and start getting bids if you are going to be using a contractor. Estimate how much the project is going to cost, so you can arrange to borrow money, if necessary, to have it completed.

Shop around

In addition to comparing contractor quotes, see if purchasing materials and supplies yourself will save you money. If you are tackling the project on your own, you can start looking out for the necessary materials early in the year and buy things you need as they go on sale. Just make sure you have a safe place to store them until summer arrives and your renovation project begins.

Make it a party

If you are planning on completing your renovation without a contractor, ask your friends and family for help. This will help you get the job done more quickly so you can get on with enjoying your summer. No one wants to spend all summer long working on a renovation project, only to find that it’s still unfinished when autumn arrives. Gather up the ‘troops’ and be sure to provide plenty of drinks and snacks, or have a barbecue to celebrate the finished project.

Use your summer renovation project to plan for winter

You could use your summer project to get your home ready for winter. It’s a great time to install new exterior doors, paint or replace siding, or winterize your deck. That way, you’ll be ahead of the game when winter arrives, and you look forward to relaxing and enjoying your renovations throughout the rest of the year.

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