Hot Weather Tips for Windows

If you have older windows, hot weather can be a real hassle for your home. Energy leaks, sun damage, and ‘hot spots’ can all be pesky problems, but these hot weather tips for windows can help.

Consider shades or shutters

Blocking out the sun’s rays can eliminate many of the problems associated with older windows, such as fading caused by UV exposure and hot spots. Roll down shades can be used to block out the sun during the hottest hours of the day, then they can be rolled back up when you want to take advantage of natural light.

Shutters are hung on the inside or outside of the home and they can be very effective at blocking unwanted heat and light. They can also add cosmetic appeal to your home if they suit the general style of the house.

Look at window film

Window films are easy to apply and offer varying levels of protection. The best films (the ones that offer the most protection and look the best) usually have to be professionally installed, but even cheaper films can help reduce the unwanted effects of the sun. The darker the film, the more heat and light are blocked, but you should take care not to go too dark or your home will appear too dimly lit.

Shade trees

Shade trees may seem like a great idea, and they can be, but only if you take care not to plant your trees too close to your home. Growing roots can actually damage your home’s foundation if the trees are too close to it. Also, summer storms can cause branches to break off, potentially damaging your home and its windows when they fall.

New windows

For the best solution in the long term, new windows are unbeatable. Modern windows offer protection from excessive heat and UV damage, plus they’re sturdier and more secure than their older counterparts. Professionally installed new windows can eliminate drafts, reduce the impact of the sun’s heat on your home’s interior, and they can prevent damage to your floor and furniture from the sun’s UV rays.

For more tips on increasing your window energy efficiency, talk to the staff at Windows Plus today.

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