Caring for Your Deck During a Halifax Winter

Winter home improvement and home maintenance often gets overlooked, especially outdoor tasks. This winter, make sure you take care of your deck during the brutal Halifax winter so you can enjoy using it safely in the spring. Here’s what you need to do to keep your deck in great shape all winter long.

Keep it clean

Before cold weather sets in, clean your deck thoroughly using an appropriate cleaner that’s suitable for whatever your deck is made from. Wood especially needs extra care, as dirt and debris can lead to the growth of mold and algae that can stain your deck. Keep it clean throughout the season by sweeping off leaves or other debris that find their way onto the deck. This will help keep moisture away and help prevent stains.

Use a good quality sealant on wooden decks

All decks need to be kept clean, but wooden ones should also be sealed using an appropriate water-resistant sealant. This needs to be done before cold weather sets in so it can dry properly, and you may want to re-seal it in the spring to protect it all throughout the rest of the year, too.

Be careful with ice removal methods

Yes, ice on your deck can be hazardous, but if you’re not walking on the deck, you might be better off letting the snow and ice melt naturally. Chemicals in some de-icing compounds can damage the metal nails, screws, and fasteners that hold your deck together. Instead, the best way to keep ice away is to shovel snow as it accumulates. This will help prevent strain from the weight of ice formation and help prevent chemical damage to your deck.

Also, wood that sits under melting ice and snow for too long could absorb too much moisture, causing the wood to rot prematurely. Try sweeping away light snowfall and shovelling heavier accumulation daily to prevent damage.

A little care and prevention throughout the winter means you can look forward to enjoying a sturdy, safe deck when the weather turns warm again. For more tips on keeping your deck in great shape, visit Windows Plus today.

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