101 on Window Trim

When it’s time to buy new windows, most people are only concerned about the glass inside the windows. Should you buy double-glazed, are they energy efficient? However, there’s more to a window than just the glass. Here’s what you need to know about the trim around your window and why it’s so important.


The materials used to make your window trim are an important factor to consider when choosing them. Wooden trim can look very stylish and complements older homes better than vinyl trim, but it also requires more maintenance and is susceptible to weathering. Some vinyl trim comes designed to look more like wood, but may lack the unique look that wood can bring.


Window trim maintenance may be minimal, but it’s still important. Due to forces exerted by strong winds, the house settling and just normal wear and tear, trim can dislocate from the wall or develop cracks that need to be repaired. Some small cracks can be caulked up to prevent energy loss, but larger amounts of damage may mean that your trim needs to be replaced.

Window style

Your window trim makes your windows stand out and get noticed. It’s important to match the style of your trim to your home’s style, and luckily there are plenty of styles to choose from. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the style of trim you choose needs to be functional as well. It shouldn’t collect water when it gets wet (it should allow it to run off), and it needs to be as functional as it is fashionable.

Take a little extra time considering your trim options when you buy your next set of windows. Choose carefully, and you can transform your plain windows into something with a lot of added “wow” factor.

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