Spring Cleaning Doors and Windows

Spring is the perfect time to give a little TLC to your windows and doors. After a long, dreary winter, get your doors and windows in peak condition with these spring cleaning tips for doors and windows.


Repair any cracks or broken seals around the edge of your windows. This will help make your home more energy efficient when the weather warms up.

There’s no need for any fancy materials in order to get sparkling clean windows. Just use a clean cloth or sponge, some warm water with dish soap in it, a squeegee, and a microfibre cloth. Wet the windows with the cloth or sponge, then use your squeegee to clean them, finishing off by drying any excess water with the microfibre cloth. This is the same technique that professional window washers use for great-looking windows.

Don’t forget to clean your screens on your windows. This can be done by removing the screens and washing them with a soft-bristled brush and soapy water. Allow the screens to dry before putting them back in the frames.


Spring is the time to remove dirt and grime from your exterior doors. You can remove a lot of grime by adding dish soap to warm water and using a cloth to wipe the door down with this solution. If the grime is stubborn, you can use a commercial kitchen cleaner to cut through the grimy buildup along the edges of the door.

Pay special attention to the doorknobs, because they can get extra grimy. If you have brass doorknobs that are looking dull, you can remove them and soak them in paint remover, then scrub them with a soft-bristled brush and wipe away the dirt and residue that come off. Finish off with a bronze cleaner, and put it back on the door. Good as new!

Don’t forget to clean the glass in patio doors and storm doors using the same technique as the one listed for windows.

If your door is looking old and worn out, a new coat of paint could perk it up tremendously. Be sure to clean the door thoroughly before painting it, and sand it as necessary to remove any rough spots before you add the paint.

Clean and shiny windows and doors will help you welcome spring in style, so get yours ready with these simple tips.

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