Environmentally Friendly Ideas for your Old Windows and Doors

If you’re buying new windows, you may be wondering what you’ll do with your old ones. Maybe you’re replacing your doors and don’t want to simply toss out the old ones. Here are some environmentally friendly ideas for reusing your old windows and doors.

Windows and doors as decorations

Pretty, old wooden window frames can make attractive wall decor with or without the glass intact. They work well indoors and out, so don’t be afraid to mount them on wooden fences out in your garden to add character to your garden. A coat of paint can give them new life, or you can leave them bare for a more natural look.

Doors make great outdoor decorations, especially if you have the entire frame. Use the frame as an entryway into your garden, or mount the door on a fence for a whimsical look.

Picture frames

Multi-paned windows make great picture frames. Attach a wooden or cork back to the window and it becomes a pretty display for your favorite photos. Paint the frame to match your home’s decor and you can create a great decoration for any room.

Decorative mirrors

Window frames can be turned into decorative mirrors very easily. Simply mount the window frame on an inexpensive mirror and hang it anywhere you want a decorative touch.

If you can find a large enough mirror, you could also create one using an old wooden door frame. Leave the door hanging in the frame for a fun, ‘interactive’ mirror.


Wooden doors that have outlived their usefulness can still find new life as shelves. Cut the door down to the size you need and mount them as shelves using brackets from the home improvement store.

Windows with built-in window sills make great shelves in bathrooms and kitchens. Use the sill/shelf to stash small items in a decorative way.


Turn old windows and doors into extra storage by simply mounting small hooks on them. These are perfect for storing jewelry, ties, and other accessories. Mount the door or window frame on the wall or simply leave them freestanding for added storage in any room.

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