5 Deck Customization Ideas

Your deck is an extension of your home, an outdoor entertaining space that your family will use every year as soon as the weather warms up. Want to make sure your deck isn’t dull and boring? Here are five deck customization ideas that will help you make your deck even more special for your family.

Pick a pattern

Want a deck that’s as quirky as you are? Perhaps you just want a look that’s a bit different than plain wood. Why not pick a pattern, such as stripes or squares, and transform your plain deck into a fun one? Checkerboard squares are fun and can double as spaces for a giant outdoor chess set. Stripes can be bold and playful or more subdued and sophisticated. Either way, you can let your personality show in your updated deck.

Install a lattice wall for privacy

Lattice is perfect for providing privacy without blocking out natural sunlight. Put up lattice panels on one or more sides of your deck for added privacy and charm. It also makes a great windbreak on windy days, so you may find that you spend more time on your deck than ever before.

Create a bench border

If seating is an issue, why not integrate it into your deck? Create a border around your deck by building benches and even tables into the deck’s design. This provides plenty of year-round seating that never has to be put away or moved. It also creates boundaries that will help keep your pets and small children on the deck to prevent them from wandering off.

Make a greenery wall

Greenery walls are the perfect way to add privacy to your deck while also creating a green space to grow flowering vines or even herbs. Living walls can hold containers of plants, or the plants can be the walls if you grow tall shrubs around the perimeter of your deck.

Add a pergola for extra shade

Pergolas offer a shady spot on hot days without completely blocking out your sunlight. Incorporate one into the design of your deck and always have a cool spot to sit even on the hottest days.

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