Take a Destination Vacation on Your Own Back Deck with These Tips

With a great deck in your backyard, who needs to go away for a vacation? If you take the time to create your own backyard oasis, you’ll never want to leave home again. Here are some tips to transform your deck into your very own ‘destination’ experience.

Build a bar

Building a bar on your deck gives it that resort feeling, especially if you stock it with your favourite beverages. You could build a freestanding bar, complete with a counter and storage space beneath, or you could add a simple beverage bar around the perimeter, giving yourself and your guests plenty of space to sit your drinks while you relax and mingle.

Add greenery

Exotic plants can make you feel like you’ve been transported to some far off place, but you never have to leave home to feel that way. Add greenery or pretty flowers in pots around your deck, or plant around the perimeter of the deck and allow the plants to grow vertically to fill your space. This will create a relaxing atmosphere that you can enjoy all season long.

Put up a privacy wall

A screen or wall that provides privacy while still allowing in a little sunlight can make you forget you’re in your backyard. It can also help you separate your outdoor space into a quiet space for the adults and a busier space for children or pets.

Accessorize with lights and furniture

Put up some pretty lights so you’ll be more likely to use your deck in the evenings and add some brightly coloured cushions to your patio furniture. Just changing the look of your deck even a little will make it feel new and exciting, just like a vacation destination. You can even add some new paint or paint accents onto your deck to give it flair and pizzaz.

Add shade with umbrellas or roll-down screens

If your deck is in the sun for most of the day, adding shade could make it more attractive and comfortable. Put up a pretty patio umbrella or hang drop-down shades around the deck’s perimeter. This will give you plenty of privacy and block out the sun’s rays to keep your deck cool and comfortable.

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