Keeping Your Deck Safe and Slip-Free this Winter

Your deck is just like any other outdoor walkway outside your home. It will probably get some use, even when the weather is cold and icy. Keep your deck safe and slip-free this winter with these simple tips.

Keep it free from snow

Snow that piles up on your deck can cause a number of problems, one of which is making your deck slippery. Beneath the snow, ice can form unseen, making your deck a treacherous place to walk. Shovel the snow from your deck as soon as you can in order to prevent ice from forming. Be sure to use a rubberized or soft-edged shovel to prevent scratching and damaging the surface of your deck.

You might be tempted to use salt to melt any ice that remains after shoveling the snow away, but beware, salt can actually damage your deck. Instead, look for ice removers that are safe for use on wooden decks.

Treat your deck before icy weather hits

You can purchase anti-slip wood coating at many hardware stores. This coating is painted onto the deck, and once it is dry, it prevents water from penetrating the wood. This can make clearing your deck much easier in the winter, and can prolong its life, too.

Apply anti-slip strips

For areas that get a lot of foot traffic, consider applying self-adhesive anti-slip strips directly to the deck. These can provide just enough added traction to stop you from slipping. These are a great idea for steps, too, especially if you plan on walking on them all throughout the winter.

Use kitty litter to stop slips

In a pinch, plain kitty litter (not the clumping kind) can provide enough traction on your deck to prevent slips and falls. Be sure to sweep it up as soon as the snow and ice have melted to prevent the litter from scratching the surface of your deck.

There's no reason why you should avoid using your deck during the winter. Just use these tips, and you can safely enjoy your deck all year long.

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