Spruce up Your Windows from the Inside

Nothing welcomes spring and summer in like a fresh set of windows. Give your home’s windows a mini-makeover, and spruce up your windows from the inside, for a great look you’ll love.

Start with clean windows

Spring is the perfect time to wash away the winter grime and grit. Salt from de-icer, dirt from car exhaust, and dust from everyday living can all build up on your windows, making them dull and gloomy. Use warm, soapy water, a squeegee and a soft cloth to clean your windows, inside and out, to set the scene for beautiful windows.

Change up your curtains

Heavy drapes are fine for dark, cold winter days, but springtime window dressing should be light and airy. Look for light, bright colours or soft net curtains to maintain some privacy while still allowing the sunlight to peek in.

Floral patterns are also great for spring, especially if they’re in bright, bold colours. Just be sure to choose something that complements your existing colour scheme, or it could look a bit mismatched.

Get rid of the fabric altogether

If your windows overlook a particularly pleasing vista, consider ditching the curtains altogether and replacing them with blinds that can remain drawn at least part of the time so you can enjoy the view. Blinds are easy to care for, versatile and come in a variety of styles to suit many different room decors.

Mix your window treatments

Who says you have to choose between net curtains and fabric ones, or curtains and blinds? If paired carefully, two different types of window dressings can complement each other nicely. You can even pair solid coloured fabric curtains with soft white net curtains for a look that is bold and colourful, but also lets enough light in the room.

Welcome in the sunny days of spring with a mini-makeover for your windows. It can completely transform the look of your room, with very little effort.

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