How to Clean Your Siding Without a Pressure Washer

Clean siding can make a home look warm and inviting, but you have to have a pressure washer to get dirt off your home’s siding, right? Wrong. Pressure washers are useful for cleaning siding, but there are other ways to get the grime of your home’s exterior. Here’s how you can clean your siding without a pressure washer.

Gather your tools

To clean your siding without a pressure washer, you’re going to need a brush, some TSP (trisodium phosphate--it can be found in most hardware stores), a bucket, a hose, water, a ladder, and plenty of elbow grease. Scrubbing an entire exterior of a home by hand takes a lot of effort, but many would argue that you’ll get a better result than using a pressure washer. You’re also more likely to damage your siding using a pressure washer, so keep that in mind as you’re preparing to scrub away.

Mix your cleaning solution

Follow the directions on the TSP to mix it with water for cleaning. You may also want to consider adding in a mildewcide if you notice mildew on your siding. Set it aside--you have to give your siding a once-over with a brush before you can clean.

Inspect and remove large debris

It’s not a good idea to try and clean every side of your home in one day. Pick one side of your house and clean it in halves or thirds so you don’t overdo it and injure yourself. Break out your ladder and climb up on the side you’ll be working on. Take the time to inspect the siding for damages, then give it a light scrub with a stiff wire brush. This will help clear off any large bits of debris and loose dirt clinging to the siding.

Spray the siding with water

Using a garden hose, spray only the section of siding that you’re working on with water. Spray using a downward motion to avoid forcing water underneath the siding, where it could cause damage and rot.

Scrub with cleaner

Using a scrub brush and the TSP/water cleaner, scrub the siding to remove the grime and dirt. Then, rinse the siding with the hose, and clean it again using a fresh cleansing solution. Repeat the process on each section of the wall, then move onto the next wall. It’s not easy, but it will give you great results.

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